**NOTE:  As of November 1st, Freedom RV Resort is a Membership ONLY, Clothing-Optional, RV Park.  No one under the age of 21 will be admitted.**

Note: Members will be given a copy and a signed copy WILL be kept on file.  This is a legally binding document.  Failure to abide by these rules is grounds for eviction from Resort property and loss of membership and/or site fees without refund or reimbursement.

Freedom RV Resort has three (3) tiers of rules:

Tier One (1) Rules:  One-time violation and you will lose yourmembership.

Tier Two (2) Rules:  You will receive one warning, if you repeat the offence membership will be revoked.

Tier Three (3) Rules:  Violation of any three (3) of these rules and membership will be revoked.

Tier One

  1. No sex in public including common areas, pool, or spa (hot tub). This includes fondling yourself or others.
  2. No one under 21 yrs. old will be allowed admission.
  3. “NO” means NO.
  4. No Prostitution.
  5. No Illegal drugs.
  6. No fighting.
  7. No Fireworks.
  8. No discharge of firearms in residential areas. Hunting in non-residential areas with managements permission.
  9. No gas-powered Golf Carts or ATVs.
  10. No Photography is allowed without prior written approval of management and the subject(s).
  11. Malicious and/or deliberate defacing or destruction of Freedom RV Resort property or that of other members will not be tolerated.

Tier Two

  1. No excessive consumption of alcohol.
  2. No major work on vehicles without permission of Management.
  3. Quiet time is 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Overly loud music or noise is not allowed at any time.
  4. No fires except in fire pits or fire rings.
  5. RV Sites must be kept neat. No broken chairs, trash, or other unsightly belongings shall be allowed.
  6. Towels or some type of cover must be used when sitting on common area chairs, couches, etc.

 Tier Three

  1. Pets are welcome; however, they must be on a leash and cleaned up after. A $50.00 (fifty dollar) fines will be charged for first and second incidents, a third incident and you will be asked to leave. If your dog barks a lot you will receive one (1) warning, then you will be asked to leave.
  2. Speed Limit is 5 MPH.
  3. No Smoking in any building, pool, or hot tub. If you smoke, please put your butts in containers provided.
  4. One RV plus two vehicles per site. Contact management for vehicle storage for extra vehicles/trailers.
  5. No parking on grass, in another site or blocking any gate.
  6. No cutting through sites occupied by others.
  7. No Glass in or around pool or hot tub.